From talen to excellence – concert on the 23rd of March 2022

As the Erasmus + project of the Varaždin School of Music “Talent to excellence – becoming a musician” has been approved by the national agency, 15 high school music students accompanied by 2 teachers are staying in The Hague. During these 15 days, students of the Varaždin School of Music will be able to meet and participate in the “School for Young Talent” which operates within the institution “Royal Conservatoire The Hague” – Koninklijk Conservatorium in the Netherlands.
The oldest Dutch conservatory, the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, since its founding in 1826, strives to connect tradition and innovation in culture and education. This music institute has been advocating for decades the highest quality in education, which employs internationally renowned musicians as teachers. With this mobility, students of the Music School in Varaždin will gain insight into the music education of another country, get acquainted with a new culture, tradition and language, make new friendships, but also gain new skills and competencies important for their musical and personal development.
In a concert organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, students from these two institutions will hold a joint concert. The concert will take place on March 23rd, 2022 at the Hague Cultural Center the In Het Koorenhuis hall starting at 7 p.m.