The Alumni

The Alumni of the Varaždin School of Music is a vibrant community – a club of former students of primary and secondary music school. The name of the alumni is of a Latin origin and its meaning is alumnus, which translates as a protégé. Being an alumni of an educational institution means being a former member / student of the same. Some worldclass universities and prestigious schools nurture the tradition of alumni clubs with a hundred-year tradition. The Varaždin School of Music is extremely proud of all its former students. Some of them have celebrated the name of the School all over the world and we are eternally grateful to them. However, our desire is to remain in constant contact with all our former students who have completed primary and secondary education in Varaždin School of Music. Although alumni clubs are more common in higher education institutions, it is extremely important to us, as a school with a long tradition, to keep in touch with our alumni. Therefore, attending the Varaždin School of Music is just the beginning of a long friendship, and the Alumni Club is here as a link and continuous support after the day you successfully complete your education with us. The club will also help you with connections and contacts, and we will always be glad to follow the life path of our students. The students of the final grades of elementary and secondary music school will, upon completion of their education ,automatically become members of the Alumni Club, and we invite everyone else to join in and update their information independently.

We will gladly welcome our Alumni Club members to the School and keep you informed of all the major events that are happening in the Varaždin School of Music (concerts, seminars).

So if you would please take a moment and update your information in the application form.

We’ll be happy to help you update your information by filling out an online form so we can stay in touch.