Word of welcome

Dear visitors of the web pages of the Varaždin School of Music,

This year we have celebrated the 190th anniversary of our School. It has been a year full of events and we have tried our best to update our website. We are extremely proud that the School (Glazbena škola u Varaždinu) is the owner of the domain www.glazbena.hr. The simplicity of the domain name says it all – it is enough to say only one word: ‘glazbena’ (music school), and everybody knows what school we are talking about. First and foremost, it was important for us to make access to information we provide easier and to modernize its look so that all visitors, those who regularly visit us (students and parents), but also those who just want to find out what’s new, enjoy the search. Among the more important news on the website, we would like to point out the publication of the official e-mail addresses of the School staff, the launch of our newsletter and the opening of an alumni club – Alumni of the Varaždin School of Music. Why all these “interventions”? First of all, to encourage and improve communication channels so that parents, students and everybody else who is interested can reach us. The Newsletter, on the other hand, is an opportunity for us to reach you so that you can get information on recitals, concerts, seminars, competitions and a lot of other events we host inside and outside the School on time.
The Varaždin School of Music wants its students to stay in close contact with their school after completing their education. Therefore, we are about to launch the Alumni of the School of Music in Varaždin Club – a club of our former students who have successfully completed primary and secondary music school.
I am sure you will also find answers to many questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section. If not, we will be glad to assist you in direct communication.
We invite you to be our friends and follow us on social-networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.
With our new website we want to bring the School closer to you. The value of music education is immeasurable, and the love of music that we nurture and pass on from generation to generation is constant. We are certain that the redesigned website will soon undergo further changes, but our main activities and motive remain unchanged, which is the love of music and working with young people.

M.Sc. Davor Matačić
Principal of the Varaždin School of Music