Varaždin School of Music is one of the oldest and most prominent educational institutions in the Republic of Croatia whose primary purpose is to actively participate in complex art educational processes in the city of Varaždin, Varaždin County, as well as throughout northwestern Croatia. In its history the School has enriched the Croatian and world music scene with a considerable number of talented artists. In addition to participating directly and indirectly in creating a significant part of Varaždins cultural life, the School educates generations of young people who have been assisted by artistic music education in the processes of their own artistic expression and the development of critical thought. First and foremost, the goal of the School is to nurture the tradition, but also adapt to the challenges of the future in the form of organizing international competitions, facilitating adult education, opening new programs (classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz), as well as cooperation with higher educational institutions.

In 2018, the Varaždin School of Music celebrated its 190th anniversary, and on the occasion of the anniversary, a very rich and interesting program of celebration of this valuable anniversary was prepared, which included numerous concerts, exhibitions and gatherings throughout the year. The anniversary year was filled with many significant events, two of which stand out in particular, the collaboration with the Ravensburg School of Music and the premiere of the musical “Music of My Heart” by a composer Ivan Josip Skender, a former student of the Music School.

The performance of the Genesis Suite by a British composer Tolga Kashif, which the students of the Ravensburg Music School and the Varaždin School of Music tgether performed, confirmed the long lasting successful collaboration of the two music schools. After months of rehearsal in their own cities, the students performed this very demanding piece of music first in Ravensburg and then in the main Varaždin square. The production of the musical “Music of My Heart” by former student of the school, composer and conductor Ivan Josip Skender, marked the celebration of the anniversary of the School of Music significantly, but also opened up the possibility for new projects and collaborations. The musical, which the former student of the Varaždin School of Music envisioned as his birthday gift, was produced in co-production by the Croatian National Theater in Varaždin and the Varaždin School of Music. With this project, students replaced their classrooms with theater boards and embraced the challenge that opened the door to a new world of performing art. The performance of the cantata “Carmina Burana” by the German composer Carl Orff is a project that opened a new school year for the students of the Varaždin School of Music. Within the context of the international cooperation and the project “Drava nas spaja/ Drava is connecting us” which were supported by the Varaždin School of Music, Conservatory for Music and Ballet Maribor, choir Chorus angelicus and the Varaždin Concert Office, the students of the Varaždin school of Music performed one of the most famous works of the 20th century with the help of their colleagues from Maribor. Carl Orff’s monumental work, a world renowned cantata for orchestra, choir and solo singers, was performed by talented students of the Varaždin School of Music on the 14th of September 2019 in Varaždin and two days later at the Slovenian National Theater in Maribor.

Traditionally, students of the Music School in Varaždin performed on the last day of the Varaždin Baroque Evenings as the soloist with the Varaždin Chamber Orchestra. Playing with the orchestra during education is a dream for every student of the music school. After the audition, the selected students of the Varaždin School of Music had the opportunity to show their talent and knowledge at a concert that included almost all departments of the Varaždin School of Music, and the young musicians who presented themselves were the students of primary and secondary education. Having hosted nearly 600 young woodwind and brass students from 9 countries at this years Varaždin Woodwind & Brass and Woodwind & Brass Grand Prix competition, next year we are waiting for young and talented pianists at the International Pianist Competition Memorial Jurica Murai and Murai Grand Prix. The large number of candidates is just a further confirmation of the prestige of these competitions, which give young and talented musicians the opportunity to make a significant progress in their career.

In the year ahead, we have prepared lots of interesting events, the Masterclass lectures of eminent music experts, concerts, school department productions as well as traditional projects, such as “Spanish-Croatian Christmas” created in cooperation with the Embassy of Spain and many others.

These are just a small part of the projects prepared by the students and teachers of the Varaždin School of Music and we invite you to support these young and talented artists with your presence.

We are looking forward to your arrival!