Varaždin Flute Festival

The Varaždin Flute Festival will be held from March 5th to March 7th 2020 at the Varaždin School of Music.
The three-day intensive flute festival in Varaždin will be a combination of improvisation workshops – modern flute techniques for a group of flutists, lectures, masterclasses and concerts.
It is intended for flutists of all ages and abilities, children, professionals looking for a second ear and heart to guide them, flute professors who want to push their own boundaries and the boundaries of their students and those who simply enjoy listening to the flute.
The festival will feature flutist Wissam Boustany. He will hold a masterclass all three days of the festival and a lecture called “Method Called Love” (as a part of the Flutist Expert Council), which he describes as distilling the process of creation and learning into the single most powerful driving force in our lives: love. The host, Melanija Gradečak, prof. will hold creative workshops for the flutist group. At the end of the festival, a joint concert of Wissam Boustany and Melania Gradečak awaits you.
As part of the festival on Saturday, March 7, there will be an expert council of flutists.
We are extremely pleased to invite you to participate in the contest for the best improvisation video that does not take more than one minute. It does not have to be defined by the music genre but rather as a representation of your or your students’ creativity in playing the flute. The flutist or flutist with the most creative video is rewarded with a free entry fee for an active student!
You can send a video to or whatsapp / viber to the following phone number: 098 1602 645
Anyone looking for a boost to develop their musical, artistic and technical potential is welcome.