School counsellor

Marina Sokol

Marina Sokol was born in Varaždin, where she completed her secondary school education at Varaždin First Grammar School. In 2006, she enrolled in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, with pedagogy as her major. She graduated under Dubravka Maleš, Sc.D., with a thesis on Respect for the Participatory Rights of Students in School, and earned the title of Master of Pedagogy. In 2013, she started her internship at the School of Economics in Varaždin, and in 2014, she became a school counsellor at the Varaždin School of Music.
In addition to her job as a school counsellor, her other duties are: enrolment coordinator for secondary music school and preparatory education, substitute coordinator for state secondary school leaving exam, e-Matica administrator, e-Journal administrator and HUSO database administrator. She is involved in the analysis, promotion and evaluation of educational work in the School, participates in the planning and programming of school work, participates in cultural and public activities of the School and keeps pedagogical records. She is engaged in direct educational work, which is primarily concerned with individual and group work with students and counselling of students, parents and teachers.
She regularly undergoes professional training at various seminars, conferences and professional meetings. In 2014, she completed training in EU project design and implementation and was given a title of manager of EU project design and implementation. In 2017, she participated in the PDW eTwinning and Erasmus + TCA “eTwinning meets Erasmus +” – Boosting the Quality of eTwinning and Erasmus + projects in Ljubljana.