Trio Elogio

On Tuesday, November 5th 2019, the Varaždin School of Music will host a guitar trio, Trio Elogio consisting of Petrit Çeku, Pedro Ribeiro Rodrigues and Tomislav Vukšić.
Trio Elogio is one of the most energetic guitar ensembles in today’s classical music scene. Petrit Çeku (Kosovo), Pedro Ribeiro Rodrigues (Portugal) and Tomislav Vukšić (Croatia) bring new light to some of the greatest piano and orchestral music. Their interpretations have inspired contemporary composers such as Krešimir Seletković, Rafet Rudi and Hugo Vasco Reis to write for guitar trio. These musicians live and work in different environments, further emphasizing their own musical and cultural diversity. In their concert repertoire, they respect the historical aspect of large orchestral compositions, combining them with contemporary compositions and paying special attention to compositions by Croatian composers.
As an ensemble, they’ve shared the stage with musicians such as S. Manz (clarinet), S. Cañón Valencia (cello), Sara Ferrandez (viola), Gili Schwarzman (flute) and T. Ruždjak (soprano) in chamber music festivals throughout Europe. Krešimir Seletkovic’s song PerPeTuum mobile was performed at the 64th Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2013.
The trio’s debut album, Mozart / Ruždjak / Dvořák, was recorded in the fall this year.
The concert will be held in the Grand Concert Hall of the Varaždin School of Music at 7:30 pm.