Studying at music school

Varaždin School of Music, since its establishment, plays quite an important role, not only as an educational institution specialized in the study, training and research of music, but also as a cultural centre of Varaždin and Varaždin County. Although „quality education“ is not an easy concept to qualify, it is also very important to emphasise visionary leadership among all other pedagogical aspects. It implies that school’s management recognizes the importance of building a cooperation with prominent individuals (artists and scholars), and institutions (associations, schools, academies, universities, culture institutions, opera houses, theatres, orchestras, non –
governmental organizations, governmental organizations, etc.).

One of main missions of Varaždin School of Music is to provide quality education focused on music as a part of performing art education. Although music education is sometimes being pushed to the edge of the education system and music is seen as a beautiful but not necessary addition to fundamental existence, actively engaging with music enriches and improves all levels of man’s existence and helps the person to grow up in a mature personality. Therefore, our Schools mission is focused on identification and support of our talented students, taking into account importance of bringing music closer to everyone else as well.

In that sense we are aware that it is very important that the educational process of musicians starts in their early ages. Therefore, we provide developed curriculum for the youngest in age 5 – 7. In elementary and secondary school our students are taking individual courses of the main instrument, but as well chamber music, playing in orchestra or singing in a choir.
School’s policy is taking into account the importance of bringing guest professors and artist (university level) to school. The School is providing almost 200 events per year including concerts, master classes and international competitions. Intelectual and artistic capacity of our theachers allows us to establish different optional subjects which are not predicted in regular plan and programme e.g. computer musical notation, jazz music theory, composition, liturgical music etc. Finally, we strive to establish a holistic approach for the most talented musicians by including them in big projects and concerts.

The role of the school in the music life of the city of Varaždin is very important. In addition to organising concerts of its pupils and teachers and their participation in various celebrations of the City or Varaždin County, the school also contributes to the musical life of the city through the organization of other concerts, productions and international competitions. With their programmes, its talented pupils participate in celebrations of events of the city of Varaždin, but also all around Croatia. Varaždin School of Music is one of the most important music and educational institution in Croatia, and its students are also its best ambassadors. The quality of their education is not only reflected in the number of enrollments in music academies and colleges, but also in many awards they have received.

In the future, the School plans to expand its activities on other artistic fields, such as art, dance and drama. In cooperation with University of North, the School is working on in founding of a study program in the field of musical art which will also profoundly influence the transformation of the social and cultural development of Varaždin and the entire north-west of Croatia.

Having educated generations of students who have made brilliant careers as soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians, as well as music educators all over Croatia, as well as abroad, the influence of the Varaždin School of Music surpassed the local, and even the national level long ago.